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Reference Reports
Ref1000-Unlimited Opportunities Guide
Ref1001-Guerilla Tactics That Will Give You A Good Credit Rating
Ref1002-Your Money Guide To Free Government Grants
Ref1003-How To Buy Anything From The Goverment Dirt Cheap
Ref1004-How To Publish Advertising Circulars For Big Profits
Ref1005-How To Make Up To $750 In Your Spare Time Or Weekends
Ref1006-How To Set Up Your Own In-house Advertising Agency
Ref1007-How To Make A Fortune With Classified Ads
Ref1008-How To Accomplish Anything You Want In Life
Ref1009-How To Sell Information By Mail
Ref1010-How To Publish Your Own Newsletter
Ref1011-How To Start Your Own Profitable Import/Export Business
Ref1012-How To Get Free Publicity For Your Business
Ref1013-Secrets Of The Richest People
Ref1014-How To Get Free Subscriptions To Over 60 Magazines
Ref1015-Avoiding Patent Trademark And Copyright Prolems
Ref1016-Solving Your Problems Can Be Challenging And Fun
Ref1017-Do You Believe In Magic?
Ref1018-How To Use Customer Response Card
Ref1019-The Problem With Multi-level Marketing
Ref1020-Bookkeeping For Dummys
Ref1021-Selecting The Right Business Name
Ref1022-Did You Get Ripped Off Again?
Ref1023-Managing Your Time Between Work & Home
Ref1024-Beginners Take Notice
Ref1025-Commission Circulars: How To Make $5000 For Every Page You Copy
Ref1026-How To Write A Press Release
Ref1027-Marketing Your Own Products And Ideas
Ref1028-Business Idea For Beginners
Ref1029-What Makes An Entrepreneur Tick?
Ref1030-Overcoming Start-up Blues
Ref1031-Why Do Companies Ask For Your Ups Address?
Ref1032-The Free Credit Card Trap
Ref1033-The Cheapest Way To Distribute 8 1/2 X 11" Circulars
Ref1034-The Sweepstakes Fraud
Ref1035-How To Secure An Merchant Account To Accept Visa & Mastercard
Ref1036-Contest And Sweepstakes Secrets
Ref1037-Cutting Your Grocery Bills In Half
Ref1038-Couponing: How To Run An Easy And Profitable Business Selling Special
Ref1039-How To Get Free Advertising
Ref1040-How To Use High-tech To Market Your Products
Ref1041-Get All The Grocery Coupons You Need
Ref1042-United States Chambers Of Commerce