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Direct response television lets consumers shop without having to confront a salesperson. Buying from the tube eliminates any pressure on the consumer. The ability to shop hassle-free makes retail television an attractive alternative.

Regardless of the product, convenience is always a strong sales motivator. Nothing is more convenient than picking up the telephone to place an order.

Many products sold through direct response are not available through retail outlets. When they are, the DRTV version of the products will have either unique features (like no-smear lipstick) or carry substantially lower prices.

An audio-visual sales presentation is both compelling and convincing. Since department store sales people are often unfamiliar with the uses, operation, and versatility of all their products, retail outlets consistently fail to get consumers excited about a product. Conversely, a simple product demonstration presented via an infomerical can convey product knowledge, attract interest, and produce an immediate decision to buy.


The Canadian government has passed new laws to clamp down on U.S. mail order and infomercial companies. The goal is to make it expensive and more difficult for Canadians to order from U.S. addresses. The ceiling on tax-free imports dellivered by mail or courier will be increased from $20 to $40. The Canadians also have a $5 handling fee on any taxable parcel.

800 NUMBER ACCESS. If your infomercial or DRTV spots airing in U.S. markets spill over to Canada, make sure your toll-free 800 number can be dialed from Canada. Be particularly concerned with superstations like WGN or WOR.

3% SHARE. Your sales from Canadian TV viewers will depend on:(1) the product you're selling, and (2) the TV stations you use for your U.S. airings. Some U.S. companies obtain as much as 3% of their total sales from Canada.