This script is an **experimental** multi-file find-and-replace tool.  It
can be used to quickly add AXS tags to hundreds or thousands of files.

To use it, place this CGI script in the webroot of a server with the HTML
files you want.  This script will look at any file with a ".htm" or
".html" file extension.  It will try to add the AXS javascript code to the
bottom of any file that doesn't already have it, and it will add the AXS
redirector to any offsite link.

When run in the default mode, it will just query all files to show you
what it plans to change.  That is the "Review" mode.  When you click the
"Update Files" link, it will go ahead and change the files.

There is always the chance that this script will destroy your entire web
site.  You should always make backup copies before running this script.

On some web servers, this script will not work because CGI processes don't
have permission to update files.  For those, you should run this script
from the command line, using an account that does have update privileges.

This script assumes that AXS is installed to: /axs/
Customize the $axs_path variable if it is installed elsewhere

© 2003 by Zoltan Milosevic

You must edit the script and set:


before using this utility. Because this script attempts to write to all of your files, you should only enable it temporarily.